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Structural Linkage | Structural Links


What are the 'Structural Links'?

The theory of 'transfer at a distance': the structural linkage...

developed by Karl Hans Welz,
Inventor of Orgonite® & SuperOrgonite® and Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator®

Structural Links
are established by objects (= structures) that are either identical or equivalent (such as magickal sigils, radionic rates / radionic settings, Feng Shui- & Reiki symbols, and other things representing abstractions) in nature.

Identical or equivalent structures allow life force & life energy transfer from one point to another (bridge any distance!) without significant loss of energy. (!)

Yes, you did read correctly:
With the help of identical or equivalent structural links LifeForce & LifeEnergy can be transferred at any distance without loss of energy!

Get the evidence performing our -unique- LifeForce & LifeEnergy Transfer Test!

So, the three basic factors of any successful action at a distance are:

yellowball  The Trend Link (representing the planned effect),
yellowball The Target-Link (representing the target), ...and
   -the most important one-
r LifeEnergy & LifeForce (or; chi-, ki-, prana-, mana-, od-, magnetic fluid-, solar ether-, orgone-energy, bioenergy, etc., etc.)!

An operation at a distance (action at a distance), that neglects any one of these three basic factors is doomed to fail, regardless of intent, traditionalist connection, spiritual training, and what not!

The Trend-Link

Trend-Links are radionic settings (“rates”), precision frequencies, symbols, sigils, frequency patterns, symbolic objects, devices, magical incenses, oils, herbs, or any other structural representations of abstractions and thoughts. 

They have one thing in common:
they establish a connection with a desired effect, or with the desired solution of a challenge. 

Sometimes such trend-links can refer to energies of a more metaphysical classification such as the effects ascribed to planets, elements, etc., all of which represent desired change, or effect. 

Being representatives of desires, the trend-links are viewed somethimes as modulators of life energy & life force (orgone, chi, prana), so that the projected life energy & life force field gives inclination to a specific action. 
The Filters & -magical- Symbols that we offer are typical Trend-Links.

One of the purposes of this practice is the generation of a thought-form that is attached to the object. 

Naturally, using the LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments with built-in Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator®, or one of our Orgone Power Radionics Devices (the RAD series) and/or one of the Manifestation Programs optimizes the effect of the trend link, generates the correct thought form and supplies it with Life Force & Life Energy (chi, prana, orgone or bioenergy).

Such a chi- & orgone- energy boosted thought form, of course, is a living abstraction that follows subtle cybernetics towards achieving a goal, or solution.
Therefore, powering up trends with the LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments (with built-in Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator®), makes the more traditional methods of involved crafting of complicated trend links unnecessary. 

The Target-Link

The Target-Link (often also called “psychic link”) is an object, symbol, radionic-numeric setting, etc., that connects with the target of your operation. 

This target can be another person or you.
It can also be an -abstract- entity consisting of several persons such as a business. 
Naturally, the target-link causes a direct flow of life energy & life force (with an attached effect) to the target that it represents. (!)

The diagram & chi-card that you find on the test for life energy & life force transfer -at a distance- is such a target-link.
 It connects with a LifeEnergy & LifeForce Equipments (with powerful built-in Chi Generator® & Prana Generator® & Orgone Generator®) in our laboratories. 

Some practitioners use hair, clothing, photos, etc., of persons that they target.
A radionic setting (a numeric “rate”) that you establish while focusing on the target of your operation is an “abstraction made permanent” that serves as a very effective target link, which lasts as long as the setting remains.

Both, the target-link and the trend-link are structural representations of either trends (desired change) or targets of your action. 
Actually, when you focus mentally on a person, location, desired effect, etc., your brain establishes a structural link.

Naturally, such focusing can be a real challenge for you: namely that you cannot keep your focus with one and the same thing at all times. 
This is so, because “moving around” is one of the characteristics of our brain. 

Long time ago, therefore, practitioners developed methods to “freeze” these structural links

Objects that are prepared with the intent to connect to a specific target, or trend, are such links. 
Of recent, the radionics device with its “abstract” settings (numeric “rates”) turned out to be an ideal tool for this purpose. 

The Importance of Life Force & LifeEnergy

- chi, prana, orgone, mana, od, animal magnetism, solar ether, personal magnetism, bioenergy, etc. -

The characteristics and function of structural links are easy to understand.

For life force & life energy, "distance is result of structural differences". 

To explain the mechanisms that cause life energy to join a target with a trend, especially with structural links that are abstractions such as the settings of the radionics device or symbols, requires knowledge of the characteristics of life force & life energy

Such understanding is still more important for an understanding of thought forms, how they develop and why they can continue to activate a previously set trend in a target (person) after the original operation (radionics or other action at a distance) has been discontinued.

Of Life Force & Life Energy we know that...

(1) it flows freely without significant loss of energy between identical structures, and

(2) it follows the principle of negative entropy, i.e., from the weaker potential to the stronger one until the stronger potential is saturated.

The second characteristic of life energy can establish linkage if the connection is not exactly identical, even to the point of being pure abstractions (such as radionics settings, or numeric “rates”, symbols, mantras, thoughts, or objects) that were established with the human brain while focusing on trend or target.

Life Force & Life Energy automatically searches out the final target for which such an “abstraction” has been established originally with help of the human brain. 

This process is similar to heat traveling the “path of least resistance” (“preferring”, so to say, heat conducting materials) when following the law of entropy from higher potential to lower potential until a balance (equal potential) between the two is reached. 

Structural Links and Life Energy & Life Force (just to sum it all up)

The preceding theory of life force & life energy and action at a distance is solely based on the proven characteristics of structural linkage and negative entropy of life energy & life force

Therefore it makes certainly more sense when it comes to explaining the amazing results of shamanic work, magic (magick), radionics and other methods often referred to as “spiritual” than practically all explanations of our days that use unproven concepts such as non-measurable “frequencies,” various “ethers,” “higher planes or higher dimensions,” specific assumed “morphogenetic fields,” anthropomorphic “spirits” and the like. 

Our principal approach in establishing any mapping, or theory, has always been to "keep it simple!"

Give this perhaps “unorthodox” theory that is naturally based on experiments and functional thinking a chance and you will soon notice that many phenomena that were “unexplainable” up to now can be explained in quite easy terms.

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